Products and Service


design - construction - maintenance of industrial chimneys and stacks. track record up to 250 meters tall in extreme wind and earthquake conditions, gas temperatures 40 C to 1100 C. environmental consultancy on emissions.



design and construction of major reinforced concrete dome structures; complete with full mechanical loading and unloading equipment including ship unloaders.

Silo & Bins

Design and construction of major silo and storage bin systems including mechanical handling equipment 



world first in continuous concrete lining of inclined penstocks.tunnel design and construction.

Corrosion Protection

hgih nickel alloy and titanium corrosion resistant linings to vessels and flues / ductwork. track record of gas temperatures from 40 deg C to 1100 deg C with water contents up 10%. Coating applications and acid resisting wares - design and installation


Rack and Pinion Lifts 

design, manufacture and install permanent compact Rack and Pinion Lifts with capacities up to 3,000kg and installed heights to 250 meters or above. Machines are designed to client requirements: in particular where small spaces are only available and conditions are harsh where standard-building lifts would not survive.

CSM Engineers


Design Supply and Installation of Solid or Powder refractories for High Temperature applications.